March 7, 2011

I want to hear from you....


Because it makes me tingle when you whisper sweet nothings in my comment section.
And by "sweet nothings" I mean those things you always thought somebody should make in regards to audio gear. 
And by "makes me tingle" I mean it makes me tingle...

ANYWAY!!! this is a chance to get your voice heard. Tell me your wacky, crazy, bizarre, or even normal ideas. Your wishes and your dreams. Every time you sat down with a piece of gear and thought "You know, It would have been nice if they had done this?" or "wouldn't it be cool if?" that's what I want to hear.

If I hadn't talked to so many guitarists and picked their brains to uncover their wishes and desires I never would have been able to make the M.A.D. Box. The Brontide Device and upcoming "Distorta Obscura" were designed so that instead of opening up a vintage or clone stomp and taking a soldering iron to it to change out a component, like the fx modding scene has gotten so good at, the average person could easily change out typicaly modded components.

I don't want to just rehash what's been done before, and I don't think you want that either. 

So tell me your thoughts. Jot'em down below in the comments of this post.

I am really listening.

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  1. when/where can I get that chromatic metronome?

  2. Hey Jeromy,
    I plan on putting the prototype of the Chronophonic Apparatus up on ebay here soon. As I don't really have plans anymore to make them in any sort of quantity the few I've made are pretty much going to be it. If you would like to know when it goes up on ebay submit another comment with your email address and I'll make sure your post doesn't make it to the page for others to pilfer.