May 1, 2012

Brontide Device v2

The Brontide Device is back for round 2 and looking to start something. CopperGears original customizable distortion/overdrive has a new look wrapped around its monstrous beating heart.

Just like the original the Brontide Device v2 lets you truly play around with the type of distortion it can create. Using the Circuit Modifier just pop in what ever pair of clipping diodes you want to to customize how the distortion clips. Buzz, fuzz, crunch, or crackle it's all possible with this pedal. Order diodes online or pull them out of an old dead radio. Silicon, power, zener, germanium, leds(light emitting diodes), or even an old unknown set you found in the garage in a bucket full of parts and pieces, just pop them in and see what they sound like. Mix and match till your fingers bleed. You don't even have to turn off the pedal to switch them out. Do it in real time. A tweakers dream come true. Or leave the diodes out all together and experience the unbridled distortion the pedal is capable of. With a Degree(gain) control that can take you from crisp cleans to guttural distortions, and a Volume control capable of driving your amp beyond what it's probably used to. The Brontide Device is in a class all its own.

Demo Video

Check out the original obsolete Brontide Device here.

At CopperGear we don't try to craft any specific sound. We leave that up to you. So we don't lock our pedals down to stop them from oscillating or squealing if they're cranked or from whatever you do to them. We want you to be able to play with that grey area if you want to. Because you never know what you'll come up with.

The Brontide Device features:
  • Acid etched 20 gauge copper name plate
  • Hand cut and stained solid wood sides
  • Recessed input and output jacks
  • Hardened knob rails
  • Volume, and Degree(gain) controls
  • Circuit Modifier
  • 3 sets of different clipping diodes
  • Heavy duty true bypass stomp switch
  • Heavy duty center positive 2.1mm power jack
  • 9v battery adapter cable

Things to know about CopperGear pedals:
All of our pedals are handmade from the ground up. The circuits, copper, wood, and leather are all worked by hand. The knob rails protect the knobs and your settings from feet stomping on the pedal. The recessed jacks help protect your cables and jacks. The center positive power jacks on our pedals will not work with standard pedal power supplies. As most pedals on the market are center negative. So care must be taken when trying to use other power supplies.

Since all devices are handmade when you order them build times can take up to 4 weeks not including shipping times. Refunds are only offered for manufacturing defects that stop normal operation of device. So make sure this is what you want before ordering. For customizations and/or modifications to standard designs please contact us before ordering.

Base Price: $315.00
Shipping: $11.00
in the contiguous US via USPS Priority Mail 3-5 day
(if you live outside the contiguous US please contact us before ordering to obtain international shipping cost and to verify shipping location. Orders will be cancelled otherwise.)

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