May 15, 2013

Stentorian Standard

Stentorian Standard 2x12 Cab

Stentorian: sten·to·ri·an [sten-tawr-ee-uhn, -tohr-]
very loud or powerful in sound

For the 2013 Dallas International Guitar Festival CopperGear needed a speaker cab to use with a small amp head for pedal demo purposes in our booth. Thus the Custom Shop Stentorian Standard was born. Our unconventional take on a 2x12" cab was so well received at the DIGF we are making the design a custom shop staple.

The cabinet itself is made of 3/4" solid wood thru and thru. No MDF or plywood here. It stands 3' 6" tall (w/wheels), 18" wide, and 16" deep.
Featuring a stacked speaker arrangement with 2x12" Jensen JCH 12/70's 8ohm (U.S. version is the Jensen MOD12-70) can be run in either 4 or 16ohm configuration. The speakers themselves are reassessed 5" inside the cab. Due to the reassessed speakers the cabinet projects sound with a surprising amount of force and directionality.

The cabinet sits on two sets of wheels. In the back are 2x2" fixed wheels, and 2x2" caster wheels in the front. Allowing easy mobility on stage or in the studio. On the top of the cabinet we built an easy grip handle right into the wood. So getting the cabinet where you want it is as easy as grab, tilt backwards, and go. No more dead arm from lugging those other 2x12 cabs around.

The pictured gold diamond is a simple wood frame covered in shear gold fabric. It's fixed 2" from the speaker fronts, and serves to add a touch of class as well as protection.

The finish shown on this piece is a black rubberized spray coating.

And all of this is just the beginning.

Since this is a custom shop piece it means it can be customized.
Want more than a 2x12"? How about a 4x12". Or insanity at its finest with a 6x12" or 8x12".
Or get 2 2x12" cabs and run stereo.
Ever thought of a 2x12" on the top with a 15" bass on the bottom so a guitarist and bassist can share the same cab?

How about a Black or white rubberized finish. Stained, natural, or laminate wood finishes.
Or we could even wrap it in brocade iridescent red metallic paisley fabric.
We can go as subtle or as off the wall weird as you desire.

Let us install hooks to keep your cables organized and close at hand.
Or even a felt lined box/drawer for miscellaneous things.

We can even install a guitar hook so you wont have to lug around or trip over a guitar stand.
When we say custom we mean it.

So many patrons of the 2013 DIGF were so shockingly pleased by the clarity, power, and functionality of its design we just could not, in good conscience, keep it to ourselves. And what we wound up with is a very unconventional cab, in a class all its own.

For more info including ordering just Contact Us and we can start building yours today.