September 22, 2011

The Head is..... ALIVE!

The Transphonic Regulator

A handmade three channel guitar head of an altogether different breed.
Each of the three channels is a different type of pre-amp circuit.

Channel 1 is an "OP-AMP" (chip) circuit.

Channel 2 is a "J-FET" (transistor) circuit.

Channel 3 is a "VALVE" (tube) circuit.

The three selectable channels are fed into an active 3 band tone stack, and from there fed into three separate amp stages. A headphone amp for your silent noodling pleasure, a balanced XLR output with separate level control so you can hook right into a mixer for direct recording, and a power amp that delivers 2 watts to an external speaker cab. 2 watts doesn't sound like much reading it here, but you'd be surprised by the punch it can deliver. The amp stages are designed to be as open as possible so they won't color the sound or limit the frequencies they reproduce. A pre-amp out has also been included so you can hook it into another amp if you so choose.

As always at CopperGear we love to give you choice and the Transphonic Regulator is no different. It's like having three amps in one, and absolutely no digital trickery involved.

Give it a listen below. The vid will take you through a selection of the different channels gain settings.

The Transphonic Regulator also shows off the new CopperGear design style with a solid wood cabinet and acid etched solid copper plate.
And for all you tube lovers out there. Here's a nice glamor shot for you.
This one has been such a joy to create as I learned so many things while making it. I hope you enjoy it too.
Since all devices are handmade when you order them build times can take up to 4 weeks not including shipping times. Customizations and/or modifications to standard designs are not available at this time.  

Base Price: $1487.00 Please Contact Us to Order this Product
Shipping: $18.00 in the contiguous US via USPS Priority Mail 3-5 day (if you live outside the contiguous US please contact us before ordering to obtain international shipping cost and to verify shipping location. Orders will be cancelled otherwise.)  

If you need to order large quantities or are a retailer/dealer please contact us before ordering.

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