November 14, 2011

Quick Update...

Just wanted to let everyone know that the new pedals are coming soon.

No I haven't died, life has just been in control recently.

So to recap what's in the pipe at the moment. As in, I am building right now.

Distorta Destructo = fuzz destruction pedal (based on the Distorta Obscura)
Distorta Azura = a bluezy kind of pedal with destructive tendencies.
Fluxuator 9 = trem pedal

and a new build of the Brontide Device (the first CopperGear pedal)

All four of these will feature our new design style, much like the Transphonic Regulator, of acid etched copper plate and wood. From here on out this style will be in almost all of our designs.

Well I'm off to bed so maybe I can get some work done later.
See ya.

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