May 15, 2013

Stentorian Regulator

Stentorian Regulator Custom Shop Combo Amp

The ubiquitous combo amp, has taken many forms over the years. From tiny little night stand cubes to monstrous towers of ear shattering delight. There's practically one available for every occasion.

So in true CopperGear fashion we designed the Stentorian Regulator to be more than just another combo amp. Based around the Stentorian Standard 2x12 cab the SR was designed to be a real working man's combo.
We love the look of the tubes and the hardware usually kept hidden away inside most amps, but there has always been a fear with exposed hardware (usually as a head unit) of easily damaging it while gigging. Be it from knocking it off the speaker cab, mishandling, or any other number of reasons. So we mounted the head unit to the underside of the top panel. This flip-top configuration is not only meant to help protect the amp components (i.e. knobs, switches, transformers, and tubes) when closed, but to show them off in all of their gear head glory when fully opened and ready to play.

And just like our Stentorian Standard 2x12 cab the SR is set on wheels with an easy move handle built into the top for when your ready to hit the road. The flip-top design also means that when closed you can place a different head unit on top and still utilize the SR as a 2x12 cab. The cabinet is made of 3/4" solid wood thru and thru. No MDF or plywood here. Featuring a stacked speaker arrangement with 2x12" speakers of your choosing or use our standard configuration with 2 Jensen JCH 12/70's 8ohm (U.S. version is the Jensen MOD12-70) can be setup for either 4 or 16 ohm. The speakers themselves are reassessed 5" inside the cab. Due to the reassessed speakers the cabinet projects sound with a surprising amount of force and directionality.

As for the amp. We can incorporate one of your choosing (if it's possible) or pick from one of the standard models we use in house. We can customize the standard models with different tone stacks and pre-amp configurations to suit your needs.

Standard Models Include:

    5 Watt, 1 Channel, Class A Power Amp
    12AX7 Pre-amp, EL84 Output
    Bass, Treble, and Volume Controls
    60 Watt, 1 Channel, Class AB Push/Pull Power Amp
    12AX7 Pre-amp, 12AT7 Phase Inverter, and a matched pair of EL34's or 6L6GC's Output
    Bass, Treble, and Volume Controls

And that's just the beginning.

Just about every gigging musician with an open back combo or cab tosses their guitar cables in the bottom of the cabinet. Which in itself is a great way to utilize space, and not leave your favorite cable coiled up on a dark stage never to be seen again.
We loved that idea so much we took it one step further. On the inside of the SR we can install hooks or velcro straps to keep all your cables safe, tidy, and ready to go at a moments notice. We can even build a felt lined lockable drawer/box into the bottom to store whatever miscellaneous whatnots you may desire.

Tired of not having enough power outlets for all your gear on stage or wherever you may be. Have us install a shielded power strip or power conditioner in the bottom of the SR and never worry about it again. Power the SR, your pedal board, or even a M.A.D. Box ;)

Don't want to lug around or trip over a guitar stand while jamming. Then let us install a guitar hanger on one or both sides of the SR to keep your guitar(s) close at hand and out of the way. Safe and ready for when you need them.

We can even make an extra large version to accommodate for larger amps or more storage.

Got your own idea? Then let us know. That's what our Custom Shop is for.

For more info including ordering just Contact Us and we can start building yours today.