May 1, 2012

The Black Howler

The Black Howler is one of those pedals that you don't quite know what to do with until you actually sit down and play with it. It's a swell pedal of a slightly different variety.

Most swell pedals on the market are either auto swells or manual pedal volume controls. The Black Howler is somewhere inbetween. Lets see if I can explain. The Howler has 2 knobs, the first of which sets the volume you want to start at. The lower the volume you start at the bigger the swell. The second knob controls how long it takes the swell to reach its apex. From a range of 0 to about 10 seconds. The stomp switch is actually a momentary switch that as long as you are pressing it the swell is activated. When you let off the switch the swell immediately returns to its starting volume. Well now your probably saying "well I can do the same thing with the volume knob on my guitar", and it's true you can. The big difference though is when you set up the Black Howler the way you want it it will repeat those setting of intensity and time delay exactly every single time you hold the switch down. It's probably not the kind of pedal your used to, and that makes it perfect for experimenters of all genres. And since we named it the Black Howler we decided to leave the writing off and keep it a black on black on black design.

Demo Video

The Black Howler features:
  • Hand stretched full-grain leather
  • Hand cut and stained solid wood sides
  • Recessed input and output jacks
  • Hardened knob rails
  • Start Volume, and Time Delay controls
  • Heavy duty momentary stomp switch
  • Heavy duty center positive 2.1mm power jack
  • 9v battery adapter cable

Things to know about CopperGear pedals:
All of our pedals are handmade from the ground up. The circuits, copper, wood, and leather are all worked by hand. The knob rails protect the knobs and your settings from feet stomping on the pedal. The recessed jacks help protect your cables and jacks. The center positive power jacks on our pedals will not work with standard pedal power supplies. As most pedals on the market are center negative. So care must be taken when trying to use other power supplies.

Since all devices are handmade when you order them build times can take up to 4 weeks not including shipping times. Refunds are only offered for manufacturing defects that stop normal operation of device. So make sure this is what you want before ordering. For customizations and/or modifications to standard designs please contact us before ordering.

Base Price: $315.00
Shipping: $11.00
in the contiguous US via USPS Priority Mail 3-5 day
(if you live outside the contiguous US please contact us before ordering to obtain international shipping cost and to verify shipping location. Orders will be cancelled otherwise.)

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