May 3, 2012

If you hadn't noticed...

The new gear is here.

Everything from the Dallas International Guitar Festival is now up in all of its coppery leather goodness.

Ordering should be working now. Hope you guys like the mild site revamp.

And I wanted to share a fun blog post with a short blurb about CopperGear by an editor of Guitar Player Magazine Matt Blackett. Who, by the way, stopped by our booth at the DIGF. Super great guy with a wonderfully enthusiastic interest in our products. He sat down asked questions and played with a bunch of pedals. It was so much fun. I hope I run into him again. Anyway just click the link above and give it a read.

Well I'll let you get back to your thing. I'm tryin to kick a cold that struck me when I got back from the show. Somebody needs to make a vacuum attachment you can shove up your nose. Seriously.

Catch ya,
Steve G.

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