The Laboratory

Where the madness happens

This page will be in flux until a final design is made.

Current Experiments:

The Amalgatron started as the idea of shrinking the M.A.D.Box down for a 2 channel pedal version. The original design called for a simple blend knob and phase switch for the incoming pedal, and of course a solid copper face.

But since we are a bit mad... we didn't stop there. Although we probably should have.
The second iteration of the Amalgatron mashed the Clarion Surge (see below) into the pedal design. As well as a change to a copper and leather design like the Brontide Machine. Which in the end did not turn out, circuit wise, the way we planned. 2 copper shields were actually etched in preparation for demo models, but they are now in storage.

Simply put the Amalgatron is in yet another redesign at this time.

Clarion Surge:
The Clarion Surge is CopperGear's take on the simple boost pedal. With one knob control it doesn't get much simpler than that. With our attempt to meld the Clarion with the Amalgatron it had effectively killed this design, but with the failure of the merge this design may be resurrected once again.

Retired Experiments:

Distorta Dyatica: 
The Distorta Dyatica was to be the third child of Obscura along with the Destructo and Azura. Unfortunately it just did not work as planned, and never made it past the protoboard stage.

Guides and How To's:

The Strange Joys of Etching Brass

More on the way...