August 21, 2011

Insanity at its finest

I have so much in the pipe right now that I think my head is ready to crack.
I hope it doesn't because the mess would be a pain to clean up.

Currently I'm working on a set of three pedals based on the Distorta Obscura called "The Children of Distorta". Including the "Distorta Destructo" an audio destruction pedal, the "Distorta Dyatica" an even more destructive pedal, and the "Distorta Azura" a bluezy kind of pedal with (of course) destructive tendencies.

There is also the "Fluxuator 9" a trem based pedal, and its crossbreed cousin the "Fluxtube"

Dear God what else, lets see...

The "Amalgatron" a pedal based off the M.A.D. Box.
And an experiment I'm working on with my brother Bobcat called "Vs." (as in versus) which will be quite a unique pedal when it's done.

On top of that I've changed up the Transphonic Regulator a little. Due to the persnickety quality of brass and its tendency to break out in "Red Rot" I've decided to go with copper instead of brass. Should have done this to begin with as it's so much easier to work with in my opinion.

I'm also playing around with possibly attending some guitar shows hear in the near future as a vendor. Nothing is set in stone as of yet but I will keep you in the loop.

And I'm probably forgetting a ton of stuff but sleep is creepin up on me and what was I saying...

Steve G.

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