January 28, 2011

Transphonic Regulator teaser

Just a piece. That's all I'm giving... for now.

This is just a portion of the artwork I made over the Christmas holidays (delirious as it was) Going to try my hand at acid etching on brass.

Still finalizing schematics and trying to create a decent bom (bill of material) so I can start building and experimenting.

I'm getting fairly excited about this one, because like the M.A.D. Box this one is something different yet seems perfectly logical to me in hind sight. It just boggles my mind. I swear one of these days I'm gonna come up with something that liquefies my brain upon thinking about it, because of how stupidly simple and blatantly obvious the need for it is.

Ok, ok I'll stop teasing you now. I need sleep anyway.

You guys have fun.

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