April 10, 2011

Copper Rose Reliquary

I wanted to share with everyone something I finally got around to taking pictures of. I came up with these almost a year ago to sell at MiddleFaire. A very simple and tiny (4mm wide) copper rose sealed inside a glass vial. The idea for them actually came from a dream I had. I know it sounds dorky, but I still wanted to share what I wrote down when I woke up.

"One of our associates has recently returned from one of his lengthy travels through some of the known realities, and has brought back some truly unique items to share with you.

This piece comes from the ancient ruins of the Alloy Citadel in a reality far different from our own. The Citadel was once a radiant symbol of progress to the realities inhabitance. Though now it stands empty. Its once gleaming facade is now just a black stain against the red mountains and gunmetal sky.

The tiny copper roses that sprout from the corroding ruins are sacred. According to legend they are the souls of the fallen. Of those who tried to open the mountains, and poisoned the valley. They say a light had covered the area for a single heartbeat when the mountains cracked, and when it faded those of the citadel were gone. Only their shadows were left, burned into the very ground where they once stood. It is believed that they had gone against the orders of the elder gods, and were punished for their greed and ambition.

The native people now live simple lives. Forever in the shadow of the past and the Citadel. Their ambitions held in check by the legend of the rose."

After that I just had to make them.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making them.

Available from: Sold Out

And new audio gear coming real soon.

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