August 30, 2018

Long Time No Post...


Long time no... anything. We are still in hibernation mode, company wise, but on a personal note I have now finished three books.

The newest of which is called "A Walk Beyond The Breach". Book 3 in the "A Walk Beyond" series of books. And these aren't no short stories if you're wondering. These are full on novels, with the newest being over 450 pages. Filled with a bit of everything, from drama, mystery, adventure, and even horror. So if you need a break from the insanity of the world around you go ahead and grab a copy and enjoy the escape.

I have also started on a fourth book (completely unrelated to the three listed above). A stand alone novel entitled "The Eldritch Life Of Leopold Torpid",

It's a full on twisted horror novel set in the late 19th century, filled with monsters, magic, and unspeakable horrors. It's gonna be fun. So keep your eyes peeled for this one.

I hope everyone is well, and that you are having a great day. I'll post very sporadically from here on out. So...
Talk at ya later.

Steve G.

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