February 24, 2014

Farewell my dearest friend...

Farewell my friend for now you rest
our time has come to a close.
The years we spent together
forever I will hold.
You always stared in wonder
at the world beyond the glass.
And even when you faltered
you did it with grace and class.
You were playful in the silliest ways
even when you'd grown.
And you filled me with a glowing warmth
that I had never known.
Always there beside me
through the good times, and the bad.
You even sat there lovingly
as I became a dad.
Teacher and protector
a role you did in kind.
And shared a love that he will carry
till the end of time.
A journey now that you begin
that leaves my heart in shards.
I will be with you again my friend
out amongst the stars.

Farewell my dearest friend, and Godspeed.
"Dude" 1998?-2014

I'll be in my shop crying for the next few days.
Steve G.

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