September 20, 2013

Pedal Name Change...

Hey all,
I know, I know long time no talk to, more on that later.

Anyway, a while back I promised a pedal that we would be letting out of the cage at the 2013 DIGF called the "Quiver Machinate". Well we brought it and let lots of people play with it. It became quite the darling of our booth when we told people we weren't really sure how to classify the effect. Lots of people wanted to try it and see what they thought, and after lots of strumming we had a pretty decent answer.

It has officially been dubbed a "Warmth Pedal".

Players loved the way they could dial in low frequencies and boost them with a very subtle shimmer effect. They would click the stomp switch back and forth and just slowly strum chords. It was exciting to watch a lot of the players close their eyes and lean ever so slightly forward as the effect hit them like a warm breeze on a cool autumn night. And the more they played the more they were able to coax out of the little copper box at their feet.

This left us with a problem, the name "Quiver Machinate" just didn't fit, and most people agreed.

So it has officially been renamed the "Ember Machinate".

Same great sound. More fitting name.

And it is coming soon to our pedal selection.

Talk to ya soon,
Steve G.

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