April 2, 2013

One of a Kind Custom...

No, those are not copper painted wood sides on that Brontide Machine.
Let me explain.

Recently I had a customer email me saying he wanted a truly unique pedal. Which in itself isn't that uncommon for us, since we do some custom work on top of our normal line of pedals. So after writing back and forth for a while we decided on something I had never tried before.

Copper leafing. Which is just like gold leafing, but with copper.

I won't get into what is involved in doing it as there are plenty of very detailed guides online to satiate your curiosity if you are so inclined. I will just say it was quite a learning experience. Personally I love the way the wood sides turned out. The copper leaf took on every nuance of the wood. It blew me away when I finished and put them on the pedal. The contrast between the black leather and gilded wood was stunning. And the customer was so happy he sent me the pictures you see here.

Catch ya'll later.
Steve G.

As a side note, which the last picture shows quite well, people ask all the time about why the knobs and audio jacks are different heights. Why aren't they all the same? The answer is simply it's a tactile thing. The volume control on all of our pedals is raised above the rest (depending on the pedal other knobs may be raised). So that if you can't see the controls (i.e. a dark stage or studio) simply placing your hand or fingers on the controls you will always know which one is the volume control. And theoretically knowing at least one of the controls can help you remember what the others are. Same thing for the jacks.

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