November 4, 2012

Brand Spankin New Demo Video...

Yup, the title is correct. The new demo vid is here, And it covers all of our pedals.

Took us freakin long enough, but I think it's worth it.

On Oct. 15th the stars aligned enough so all of our schedules permitted this happening. Our friend Brian met me and Bobcat up at the "Southside Music Hall" in Gilley's Dallas with the promise of tacos (Fuel City taco's baby) and the recording began.

We didn't really want some slick video of someone just wailing away on a guitar showing you only the best gear settings. We wanted a real experience. Like if someone had walked into a music store and was actually trying out the gear. Brian had never played our pedals before so what you see is a true first play thru of the gear by a seasoned pro. Goof ups and all.

We tried to keep the setup fairly simple. There's 4 mics (1 overhead, 1 on Brian's tube amp, and 2 on either side for stereo) running straight into our mixer.

Unfortunately the voices are a little difficult to hear at times, but the guitar work is great. Throw on a set of good headphones and it's not really a problem.

Clocking in at a hair over 52 minutes long the video covers:
Fluxuator 9
Distorta Azura
Distorta Destructo
Black Howler
Brontide Machine / Brontide Device

For those interested I will soon be chopping up the vid for each specific pedal. The subsequent vids will be considerably shorter.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we had making it.

Catch ya later,
Steve G.

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