May 19, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

I'll tell you exactly where it goes.

Out the friggin window and down the block whistling a tune as it goes.

It seems like yesterday I was teasing you with the mysterious "Transphonic Regulator" and I look back to the post and realize it was freakin January. It's now May and I'm coming close to actually being done.

Here's proof. The pic above is of the main board for the guts of the prototype unit. Finished it just the other day. Now I have to build the cabinet and complete the rest of the brass etching.

But still, where did the time go?

Anyway, a lot has actually happened in the interim of the linearity of life, as it is.

First off I've finished a new pedal dubbed "Distorta Obscura". Another user customizable pedal. I've been trying to get a more accomplished guitarist than I am to sit down and record some samples for a video demo. But finding time to do it has been problematic.

I've also been bantering back and forth, with some off the wall gear ideas, with family and friends. I guarantee you some unusual stuff is in the pipe line.

Which brings me to my latest adventure at MiddleFaire. You never know what kind of people your going to meet at a renaissance faire, but your almost always guaranteed that it will be interesting. This time around was no exception. Inbetween explaining what the genre of "Steampunk" is and the good hearted conversations that followed, I tried to ask as many musicians as possible what was something they always wished someone would make. One response in particular embedded itself firmly in my brain and I haven't been able to get it out since. The gentleman said that since he was a drummer (and an old school one at that) he never really wished for anything, but the most interesting thing he had ever used was actually an instrument. And he said "I bet with what I see that you've made here (meaning the devices I brought for show) you could make an amazing steampunk one".

Now if it seems like I'm being vague, let me clarify by saying "Yes I am being vague". I am honestly not doing it to piss you off, it's just that I have become obsessed. I have to build this thing, and it is all I can seem to think about now. I want it to be a surprise because it is so unexpected. Everyone I've talked to about it has pretty much had the same response, their eyes have gotten big as their mouths have fallen open then they utter "That's insane".
With responses like that it makes me want to build it even more.
And to that point I've actually started learning how to program a microcontroller that will be used to interpret the different key presses required to keep the build authentic to the original. It does kinda go against what I've tried to do with CopperGear in keeping it old school with the circuitry, but since this chip won't be in the audio path it technically still stays in that vein. The only reason I plan on using the microconroller is because I could not replicate the different key press combinations by any other means.

And on that I will say good night as it is 4:24 in the morning for me and I need some sleep to be able to form multiple syllable words in the morning.

Steve G.

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