October 3, 2010

Sorry, I've been neglecting my duties

I know, I know, I need to keep up my posts. So lots of info to spew at you.

MiddleFaire Renaissance and medieval festival
Wow, this was fun. All the vendors are so nice and friendly. I couldn't have asked for more. Be assured I will be going back when the faire re-opens in November.

This is my buddy Thomas, who was gracious enough to let me join him in his booth to sell my roses. If you get a chance find him at the faire. He sells wonderful hot sauce. Just ask around for "Captain Spicy".

This is what I call the main drag at MiddleFaire. I love the buildings. Oh and there's something called "Rat Pucking" that goes on. I don't have pics of it, but If your curious it involves men with long sticks shouting odd phrases ending with "Cheese" and the flinging of fake dead rats with said sticks. It's quite interesting to watch.

And an obligatory cheesy pic of me (pics of me are a rare thing) with a $#!% eatin grin, sword, and bottle of something that makes you feel funny. Yay for mystery drinks.

And now onto the gear front. I've got some new stuff coming soon so no pics as of yet.

First off a new guitar pedal. It's an aberration from the fuzz family. At the moment its working name is "Legion Obscura".

Secondly, my take on the simple and venerable metronome. I've dubbed it the "Chronophonic Apparatus".

And last but not least, a slight deviation from my norm. It's something I'm cookin up special for the next time I'm at the MiddleFaire. It's called the "Electro-Revelator" "Feedback Engine".

So now I leave you to ponder. Don't bother asking about them, because I won't be revealing any other info about'em till their released. Enjoy.

Steve G.

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