September 3, 2010

Reclaimed Copper Rose

While working to finish up the M.A.D. Box I needed to give my brain a break. This is what came from that break. Official blurb below.

CopperGear is proud to present a limited run of handmade copper roses. These life sized roses are made from reclaimed copper that has been scavenged from old electronics and/or building materials.

Instead of letting this wonderfully beautiful metal that we normally don't see just be tossed into another land fill we decided to try and create something beautiful from the unwanted refuse of our existence.

Each unique rose is hand crafted to ensure it lasts longer than its original incarnation did.

The rose. A simple plant that throughout history has inspired poetry, music, art, and love. We can only hope our roses inspire you (or your inner steampunk) in some small way.

Get one today, before they're all gone.


Size: 13-14 inches in length


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