August 20, 2010

Brontide Device

Obsolete: New Version Available Click Here

bron·tide [bron-tahyd]
1. a rumbling noise heard occasionally in some parts of the world, probably caused by seismic activity.
2. the sound of distant thunder

The Brontide Device is a hand made diode customizable guitar distortion pedal.

It may sound like a mouthful but this pedals power is in its simplicity. (It also doesn't hurt that it's built like a tank)

Listen to it below. (this is a very simple audio test as I am mainly a rhythm player)

Product info:

2 control knobs: Volume, and Degree. The first controls the overall output volume, while the Degree knob controls the amount of distortion applied to the audio signal.

Main toggle: Offering a true bypass the Clean/Aberration toggle controls the routing of the audio signal.

Circuit modifier: This simple control allows for the most unique feature on the Brontide Device. The ability to change out and use almost any pair of diodes to modify the internal circuit, and alter the type of distortion created. 1N4148 silicone switching diodes are included with the device, but experimentation is encouraged. Silicone, Germanium, even Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) can be used. Or remove the diodes all together and experience the raw distortion the pedal is capable of. Buzz, fuzz, crunch, or other. The sound is truly up to you. Why buy multiple distortion pedals when this one device can create almost any type of distortion imaginable.

Input/Output Jacks: Standard 1/4 inch nickle plated jacks.

Power: Heavy duty nickle plated 5mm power jack accepts 9v DC center positive power adapters rated 300ma or greater. An external 5mm jack to 9v battery adapter is included with purchase.

Construction materials: Wood, Copper, Brass, Aluminum. All internal wiring is solid core copper.

All devices are hand made, tested, and numbered before shipping.
Manual, battery adapter, and certificate of authenticity is included with device.

Available from:
Obsolete: New Version Available Click Here

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